Getting Back in the Marketplace…

Been a long time since I dedicated the proper amount of time to creating content specifically for sale in the creative marketplace. I’ve been selling stock photos since about 2006, and was doing quite well […]

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New Website Design

Just finished a new logo design and website for Tammy Hakim of Empathic Healthcare. Very clean, responsive site. Tammy Hakim, MSN, ANP-BC is an amazing Nurse Practitioner with a passion for supportive and palliative care. […]

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A word about PERSPECTIVE:

This is a photo of some of the medicine it takes to keep me functioning at a level of semi-normalcy. It allows me to blend in without people noticing that I move and feel like […]

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Fun Shoot

Scheduled a test shoot for new lighting setups recently and had a lot of fun with this particular shoot. I’ve always loved special effects, monster movies, science fiction, and all of the make-up and lighting […]

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New Work from the New Studio

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Our small creative firm is growing. We offer turn-key creative solutions to help you take your idea from it’s conception, to… well, as far as you’d like to take it! Our own small business has […]

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Whispering Prayers and Shouting Condemnation

I believe with all my heart that the world can’t hear us shouting praises to the Lord, because our silent, whispering prayers are being drowned out by our shouts of judgmental condemnation. Wake up people […]

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Chronic Illness, Clinical Depression, and Suicide…

Anyone who knows me really well, knows that I suffer from chronic illness – specifically, Ankylosing Spondylitis (A.S.) and Hereditary Hemochromatosis. Several months ago, I joined an online support group for A.S. and have found […]

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Licensed one of my images recently….

A couple days ago, I licensed one of my images to a very large corporation. Can’t wait to see how it is used in their advertising. You may see it in your local grocery or […]

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Another Pencil Portrait (by Eve)

Here’s another pencil portrait I completed recently. I really enjoy the simplicity of drawing with pencils because it’s fun to start with a blank sheet of paper and a pencil and reduce the subject down […]

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