Getting Back in the Marketplace…

Been a long time since I dedicated the proper amount of time to creating content specifically for sale in the creative marketplace. I’ve been selling stock photos since about 2006, and was doing quite well until the market became saturated with too many micro-stock sites giving away their content for next to nothing. I’ve recently found a new platform on which I have more control over my own content. It’s been around for quite a while, but I just began selling on the platform called Creative Market. Loving the control I have over my images. Here’s a sample of an original illustration I created while training myself to paint on a tablet, rather than with traditional media.

Powered by Creative Market

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New Website Design

Just finished a new logo design and website for Tammy Hakim of Empathic Healthcare. Very clean, responsive site. Tammy Hakim, MSN, ANP-BC is an amazing Nurse Practitioner with a passion for supportive and palliative care. She is very compassionate and has an exceptional reputation in our local community.

Check out at the new website

Empathic Healthcare

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A word about PERSPECTIVE:

This is a photo of some of the medicine it takes to keep me functioning at a level of semi-normalcy. It allows me to blend in without people noticing that I move and feel like an 80 year old man, thanks to Ankylosing Spondylitis.
Additionally, there is a shot I take once a month that suppresses my immune system, making me more susceptible to illness and there is also a monthly trip to the hematologist for a therapeutic phlebotomy.

Now, about that perspective…

When I look at this medication regimen through worldly eyes, I am frustrated that I have to take so much medication to function at age 44….
But when I see it through a Biblical perspective, I thank God for the miracles of modern medicine which allow me to keep going.

When I consider the cost of the medication from a worldly perspective, I am overwhelmed by thoughts like “How am I going to pay for this?”…
But when I see it through a Biblical perspective, I thank God for always meeting my needs and providing for me and my family, even when we don’t always think to ask Him to. We have never needed anything more than God provided, but God has always provided more than we need.

When I dwell on and am frustrated by the seemingly hundreds of doctor’s appointments I have each year, I can easily slip into a moment of self-pity, or a bout of major depression…
But when I acknowledge that “all good things come from the Lord”, I am eternally grateful for the wisdom God has given those doctors that help manage my health and I’m able to joke about how it takes a whole team of doctors, nurses, and “-ists” to keep me going.

When I look around me at the world we live in through a worldly perspective, I see a mess of turmoil, angry people, hurt people, misguided people, hatred, pain, suffering, death… all consequences of our actions – consequences of sin…
But when I see it through a the perspective of one who follows Jesus, I am overwhelmed by the profound grace, mercy, love, forgiveness and salvation that comes through knowing Jesus Christ, the Lord of my life. I am amazed at the love that transcends all the bad in this world. I see a God who is bigger than anything we face in this life.

Do you know that God loves you? Do you know you have forgiveness and freedom offered through Jesus Christ? Do you know that God offers this eternal salvation through Christ to everyone?

If you don’t know this peace that surpasses understanding; if you don’t know the love of God in a personal way, please let me share with you the reason for the hope I have in me. I’ll gladly lead you to the throne of God and eternal salvation. I know The Way.
— Royce

“For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.” -Galations 5:1

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Fun Shoot

photocrati gallery

Scheduled a test shoot for new lighting setups recently and had a lot of fun with this particular shoot. I’ve always loved special effects, monster movies, science fiction, and all of the make-up and lighting that goes along with it. In this shoot, a simple prosthetic and dramatic lighting brought that old “monster movie poster” look to life. Thanks, Andie Noir, for being a good sport for the test.


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New Work from the New Studio

photocrati gallery

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Whispering Prayers and Shouting Condemnation

I believe with all my heart that the world can’t hear us shouting praises to the Lord, because our silent, whispering prayers are being drowned out by our shouts of judgmental condemnation.

Wake up people of the Lord! Our praises should drown out the hatred in the world, rather than our hatred drowning out our very own weak and feeble praise to the King of Kings.

There’s too much work to be done to sit around pointing fingers at people and pronouncing them dead. Jesus came to heal the sick and give life to the dead! He died for that very reason and yet we, who are not fit to touch the hem of his garments, somehow believe we have the right to judge the wicked? Instead of judging people, how about grabbing one in each hand and leading them to the throne of God?

I believe, as the scripture says, that one day He alone has the right to say either “Well done, thy good and faithful servant!” or “Depart from me… I knew you not.”

God forgive our self-righteousness. Please, God, give us the strength to teach the world to love according to the model Jesus gave us. God grant us wisdom and courage to stand for what is right by simply obeying you.

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Chronic Illness, Clinical Depression, and Suicide…

Anyone who knows me really well, knows that I suffer from chronic illness – specifically, Ankylosing Spondylitis (A.S.) and Hereditary Hemochromatosis. Several months ago, I joined an online support group for A.S. and have found it to be incredibly helpful in making me feel more “normal”.

Last week, I became one of the admins for that group which consists of over 9,800 people, all of whom are suffering in various stages of this terrible illness. As I’ve participated in the group, I’ve noticed that almost everyone  has suffered from depression at some time or another… some clinical depression for years (like me) and others situational depression that comes and goes. Anyway, I tend to look for similarities and patterns among the people in that group and there are a couple of things I’ve noticed:

  1. Autoimmune diseases tend to have a high incidence of comorbidity, which is the simultaneous presence of two chronic diseases or conditions. In fact, I would even say “multiple comorbidities” seem to be prevalent. Many people with autoimmune disease have so many other health issues simultaneously that it’s no wonder there is such a high incidence of depression… which leads me to my next observation.

  2. Many people who suffer from illnesses with chronic pain also suffer from depression. I’m not just talking about sadness every now and then, I mean sustained, overwhelming sadness that doesn’t go away.  Clinical depression is the more severe form of depression, also known as major depression or major depressive disorder. It isn’t the same as depression caused by a loss, such as the death of a loved one or the loss of a job. Symptoms of clinical depression include:
    • Depressed mood, such as feeling sad, empty or tearful (in children and teens, depressed mood can appear as constant irritability)
    • Significantly reduced interest or feeling no pleasure in all or most activities
    • Significant weight loss when not dieting, weight gain, or decrease or increase in appetite
    • Insomnia or increased desire to sleep
    • Either restlessness or slowed behavior that can be observed by others
    • Fatigue or loss of energy
    • Feelings of worthlessness, or excessive or inappropriate guilt
    • Trouble making decisions, or trouble thinking or concentrating
    • Recurrent thoughts of death or suicide, or a suicide attempt

      So this isn’t something you can tell people to “cheer up” and they’ll get over it. It isn’t a choice and it isn’t brought on by a lack of effort on  one’s part to “be cheerful”. Imagine being in a wheelchair and people constantly telling you to “get up and walk”, that’s all you need to do to get better. Or, similarly, imagine being blind and someone telling you that you aren’t trying hard enough to see; if you would just force your eyes to see, then you could. Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it?! But the exact same thing happens with depression… people don’t understand so they go about issuing platitudes or solutions as if one magic little thing would fix it. “Cheer up!”, they say, or “What do you have to be sad about? You have a great life!”… as if you have no right to be depressed. How horrible would it be to suggest to an amputee that they had no right to lose that limb, or a to any person with a visible, physical disability that they are less of a person because they choose to be that way or they must’ve done something to be in that position. This condemnation of the condition of depression leads to piling on more of the feelings of worthlessness and certainly does more harm than good. The lack of understanding leads to a more drastic feeling of isolation and so the downward spiral goes.

  3. This brings me to my final observation: suicide. Ever since I was a child, the word “suicide” has always been taboo. People almost cringe at the mention of the word and, therefore, don’t want to even think about it, much less talk about it. It is offensive to people when they think that something, or anything, can be worse than death. I’ve come to understand that there are some things in life that are actually worse than death. Things like constant pain, depression, feelings of worthlessness, anxiety, medical problems, isolation and extreme loneliness that comes from chronic illness which others cannot possibly understand – all piled one on top of another on a single person. I can tell you that being a part of a group of people who all share the same problems, I see the recurring theme of suicidal thoughts. People suffering from chronic illness are prone, not only to clinical depression, but the inevitable side effect and it’s constant companion – suicidal thoughts. “They’d be better off without me.” or “I can’t take it anymore… I’ve reached the limit of what I can handle.” or “I’m alone and suffering in constant pain. Nobody cares about me; they all think I’m a burden.”

If you know someone who is chronically ill, chances are they are suffering from depression, as well. If you care about them, let them know you care… for real! In tangible ways, you can let people know you care and are thinking about them with a simple phone call, an invitation to do something like go to dinner or to do something they enjoy. A warm hug, a friendly smile, a sincere, unrushed conversation, a handwritten note in their mailbox can all be encouragement maybe in one of the darkest hours of their lives.

Chronic illness is sometimes “invisible” and so is depression, but they go hand-in-hand and I can assure you that the suffering is very real… probably more than you could ever imagine. Take the time to let someone you know you care. You may be the person who makes a significant difference in someone’s ability to live for another day. Just don’t try to “fix it for them” by playing it down, or trivializing it. Don’t try to offer simple solutions that makes them feel even worse, and do not tell them that everybody is sad sometimes, but they get over it. Nobody would choose depression over happiness. Nobody.

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Licensed one of my images recently….

A couple days ago, I licensed one of my images to a very large corporation. Can’t wait to see how it is used in their advertising. You may see it in your local grocery or in national ad campaigns soon. This is the image. She was such a good little actress to get this shot… Even ate broccoli without complaining! 🙂


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Another Pencil Portrait (by Eve)

Here’s another pencil portrait I completed recently. I really enjoy the simplicity of drawing with pencils because it’s fun to start with a blank sheet of paper and a pencil and reduce the subject down to the most basic shapes and forms to create a portrait. I love the idea that pencil and paper are what kids carry to school every day, and that’s all you need to create art.


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