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Favorite photo from today’s shoot.


Ironically, my favorite shot today is one in which you can barely see any of the subjects… but if you know who they are, you can still recognize all of them. Here’s to Anthony Adams and the Nite Owls.

Cell Phone Sunsets


I’ve been shooting a series of “cell phone sunsets” for a while now and this is one of my personal favorites.

The Little Boy Who Didn’t Recognize Himself

Street photo – I shot this photo while walking through a housing development in East Tennessee. It was amazing to see this little boy’s response to photos of himself. He recognized and could point out everyone else in the photos, except for himself. He literally didn’t recognize himself in photos. That is beyond comprehension to me. It was as if he had never seen his own reflection or a photo of himself. This particular shot was how his face lit up after seeing himself in my viewfinder.

Our Backyard Visitor Today


The girls saw this little guy in our back yard today, so I couldn’t resist grabbing the camera for a few shots. It actually let me get pretty close to it so I was able to get a few good shots.

One of my favorite music event photos.


A very large amount of the commercial work I’ve shot over the past several years has been specific to the music industry. Being a photographer in Nashville, there is no shortage of work in that area. This photo is one of my favorites for several reasons: all that talent on one stage was phenomenal. It was amazing to hear, and see, these guys all playing together.

Left to right: Randy Bachman, Will Lee, Billy Gibbons, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, and Peter Frampton jamming together. What a great moment in music history and an honor to be a part of capturing this event and many others like it for the Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum in Nashville.

A Man Named Tree


Few experiences in life are as “raw” as this. I spent a couple of days in homeless camps in Chattanooga. This is my new friend “Tree” who, despite being homeless, helps care for others who are homeless. Tree is a U.S. Army Veteran who shares his limited resources to help others in need. He checks on some of his neighbors under the next overpasses to be sure they survive in whatever ways he can. He told me that, every night, he goes to the next overpass to check on Mark who doesn’t know how to “survive out there”. Tree makes sure that Mark is covered at night so he doesn’t freeze to death. He also shares his food and shelter with others as needed. Why does Tree care about others? Because of Jesus and his radical love for everyone. Tree is a disciple of Christ who happens to be homeless. This man has more authentic faith in his little finger than most people I know. Tree-man was baptized and discipled by Jimmy Turner of Relevant Hope and he is sharing his renewed hope in life by serving others in his homeless community. Rock on, Tree-man!

Had to rebuild the site from the ground up.

I’ve been having some trouble with the backend functionality of my website for quite some time, so I had to do a complete rebuild to eliminate the “garbage” code that was causing some trouble. In other words, I had to clean house of all the gremlins from years past. I hated, more than anything, to lose all of those blog posts I’ve written in previous years, but I think maybe I did the world a favor.

Oh well… here’s to more productive updated blogging about things you will no doubt find mind-numbing.