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Another Pencil Portrait (by Eve)

Here’s another pencil portrait I completed recently. I really enjoy the simplicity of drawing with pencils because it’s fun to start with a blank sheet of paper and a pencil and reduce the subject down to the most basic shapes and forms to create a portrait. I love the idea that pencil and paper are what kids carry to school every day, and that’s all you need to create art.


Recent rebranding for Relevant Hope

Thought I would showcase some of the materials from a rebranding effort on behalf of Relevant Hope. I’m pleased with the logo design, photos, and design of the materials. I hope it serves them well because they are on the front lines; literally helping people who people choose not to see. Great people doing great work!


Recent Pencil Portrait (by Eve)

Pencil portrait I recently finished for an auction. This is just an example of the type of portrait that will be done when someone wins the bid.

IMG_4092 IMG_4128

Walkin’ in a Winter Wonderland

Sleet, ice, and snow mixture about 5 to 6 inches deep on my deck this afternoon. This little beauty came for food at our feeder. Click on the image to see the high-res file.



What is it about portraiture that “moves me”?



Just thinking today that I love portraiture more than any other subject in photography. There is just something magical about the photo that captures a part of the soul. Of all the photos I’ve shot over my career as a commercial photographer, portraits are my favorite and this is one of my all time favorites because it is a hyper-real glimpse into the soul of a man and it has made a great impact on a lot of people. This is the first and only time many people have looked into the eyes of a homeless man (a man without a home). I spent several days with this dude and would voluntarily spend more time with him than most people I know. Three days and multiple visits with him changed the way I view people as a whole… People are people first and their circumstances, second. (Thanks Tree Smith and Jimmy Turner for that!)


Crooked Old Man

In one of the photos I shot of smoke, I see a bent and crooked old man… his head bowed in despair. Click on the image to see the high-res version.