Whispering Prayers and Shouting Condemnation

I believe with all my heart that the world can’t hear us shouting praises to the Lord, because our silent, whispering prayers are being drowned out by our shouts of judgmental condemnation.

Wake up people of the Lord! Our praises should drown out the hatred in the world, rather than our hatred drowning out our very own weak and feeble praise to the King of Kings.

There’s too much work to be done to sit around pointing fingers at people and pronouncing them dead. Jesus came to heal the sick and give life to the dead! He died for that very reason and yet we, who are not fit to touch the hem of his garments, somehow believe we have the right to judge the wicked? Instead of judging people, how about grabbing one in each hand and leading them to the throne of God?

I believe, as the scripture says, that one day He alone has the right to say either “Well done, thy good and faithful servant!” or “Depart from me… I knew you not.”

God forgive our self-righteousness. Please, God, give us the strength to teach the world to love according to the model Jesus gave us. God grant us wisdom and courage to stand for what is right by simply obeying you.

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